Grant Schindler

Research Scientist, Georgia Institute of Technology, College of Computing

About Me: I am currently a Research Scientist in the Computational Perception Lab at Georgia Tech working with Irfan Essa and Jim Rehg. I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech in 2010 under the advisement of Frank Dellaert. My research interests include computer vision and machine learning.

Probabilistic Temporal Inference on Reconstructed 3D Scenes (CVPR 2010)

Lower Manhattan: 3D Point Cloud and Buildings (7MB)

Lower Manhattan: 3D Point Cloud Over Time (15MB)

Slides: [PDF] [PPT]

4D Cities Interactive Demo


Inferring Temporal Order of Images From 3D Structure

Temporal Inference (7MB)

4D Flythrough (10MB)

Ordering 20 Images (2MB)



4D Cities Project

1920 1951 1966 2003

Atlanta World

Edge Groupings Input Image

BioTracking Project

Generated Bee Tracks Frame of Input Video

Simple, Beautiful Things

Ray Tracing and
Photon Mapping
Metric Trees and
Voronoi Diagrams
Attractors and
Orthonormal Basis Transforms:
PCA and Fourier Analysis
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